Geep at the Travelling Man Stores UK wide

Yes its true we are now stocking at the Fantastic Travelling Man Comic stores, They are UK wide please click on the link to check out your nearest store.
  • New Scribbles

    Great New Things are appearing in my sketch book,..Must be the air of Spring. Important new advances on our next book are currently being made this week. I'll keep you posted!

    Design Museum Stock Geep and the Scary Shadows

    Hooray, The Design Museum Shop are now stocking Geep. The Shop is basically brilliant, stocked full of rare treasures so if your down Thames side in London drop in and look us out. Bet you don't go away empty handed.
  • What's in the Box E mail

    If you are using our e-mail address on our webpage, we have noticed its the wrong one. Its been changed but we are still having problems. Our correct address is-